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Advil 12 Hour Extended Release Tablets

Get up to 12 hours pain relief in just 1 tablet with Advil 12 Hour Extended Release Tablets.

Where to buy

Advil 12 Hour Extended Release Tablets

Product Features

  • Fast acting, long lasting pain relief
  • Relieves persistent pain for up to 12 hours with just one tablet
  • Designed with bi-layer technology. A quick burst for relief that’s fast. Then a sustained release layer for relief that lasts.

Product Description

Advil 12 Hour Tablets contain 600mg ibuprofen in a bi-layer tablet. The first layer is an immediate release layer which dissolves quickly so you get fast pain relief. The second layer is a sustained release layer to provide long lasting relief for up to 12 hours with just one tablet.

What Does it Relieve?

Advil 12 Hour Tablets temporarily relieves persistent pain likely to last for more than 6 hours such as:

Active Ingredient

  • Each extended release tablet contains ibuprofen 600mg

Who can use this product

Dosage information

  • Take 1 tablet every 12 hours as needed.
  • Swallow whole – do not crush, chew, split or dissolve.
  • Do not take more than 1 tablet at a time.
  • Do not exceed 2 tablets in 24 hours.

8 and 16 count tablets in blister packs

  • Both sizes are available only from behind the counter in pharmacy.
  • Speak to your pharmacist for advice.