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Advil AU | Ibuprofen Pain Relief Medication & Pain Management

Advil® Products

Take Advil® to relieve many kinds of pain

Dental Pain
Learn more about the symptoms of dental pain and ways to manage and prevent this from occurring.
Arthritis Pain
Arthritis can be a major source of disability. Read more about how to identify and manage arthritis pain.
One of the most common pain conditions people experience. Click to discover more about headaches, its causes, and managing the pain.
Back Pain
Learn more about back pain including how to relieve the symptoms, and helpful tips to avoid back pain.
Muscle Pain
Understand muscle pain as well as sprains and strains, and tips on managing and treating muscle pain.
Period Pain
Read more about period pain and how to identify when it occurs. Get some tips on how to relieve and manage period pain.

Take Advil® Childrens to relieve pain & fever

Children may experience pain related to immunisation. Learn more and get tips on how to manage this pain.
Cold and Flu
Cold and Flu are distinct conditions with varying signs and symptoms. Learn more about these together with a few solutions to manage cold and flu with children.
Teething Pain
Teething is a long process starting from the first tooth appearing in infants around 6 months. Discover more about teething-related pain and find out ways to relieve the pain and discomfort in infants.
Understand the signs and symptoms of earache in infants and children as well as suggested treatment options for the pain.
Children can experience headaches like adults. Learn more about children's headaches and how to manage the pain for children.
Learn about fever in children, and find out suggestions on how to manage and provide fever relief.