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How Advil Compares

Advil Liquid Capsules and Advil Tablets

To understand the effectiveness of Advil, it’s important to first understand how an orally administered analgesic works.

An analgesic taken in a tablet form such as Advil Tablets must first be broken down into smaller particles and then solubilized in the stomach. It is then absorbed from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream.

Advil Liquid Capsules’ advanced patented technology enables the capsule to break down shortly after coming into contact with the stomach. Because Advil’s liquid ibuprofen is already in a solubilised form, it is absorbed into the bloodstream faster.

Once absorbed, the drug is distributed throughout the body to provide FAST pain relief to where it is needed most.

Advil Liquid Capsules vs Other Leading Brands

Advil Liquid Capsules are absorbed 2X FASTER vs. standard Nurofen Tablets2.

Testing has shown that even Nurofen Zavance cannot beat Advil Liquid Capsules’ absorption speed2.

Clinical studies also confirm that Advil Liquid Capsules can provide faster and stronger relief than regular paracetamol tablets for tough headaches3.


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