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Advil Children's Chewables 2-7 years

Advil Children 2-7 Years Pain & Fever Relief Chewable Tablet

A delicious raspberry flavoured ibuprofen based chewable tablet formulated for children aged between 2-7 years who prefer a chewable tablet over a liquid suspension

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  • Up to 8 hours fever relief
  • Flavourful raspberry chewable tablets
  • Effectively relieves kids’ common aches and pains
  • Handy carry bottle


For growing kids that dislike taking suspensions, Advil Children Pain & Fever Relief Chewable Tablets is an option for mums and dads.

It is a delicious raspberry flavoured chewable tablet formulated for children aged 2-7 years. It is an ibuprofen based tablet that gives effective relief of common aches and pains, and provides up to 8 hour fever relief.

Advil Children Pain & Fever Chewable Tablets is packed in a handy carry bottle, making it easy to give children the Advil they need even when on the go.

What Does it Relieve?

Advil Children Pain & Fever Relief Chewable Tablet reduces fever for up to 8 hours including fever associated with immunisation.

It also provides temporary relief of pain and discomfort associated with:


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Active Ingredient

Each chewable tablet contains ibuprofen 100mg

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Who can use this product

Children between 2 to 7 years See also Product Comparison

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Dosage information

Use weight to dose if possible, otherwise use age: See also Ibuprofen Dosage

Who Avg. Body Weight How Much Time between each dose Maximum no. of Doses
2 to under 4 years 12 - 16 kg 1 tablet Every 6-8 hours as necessary 4 doses in 24 hours
4 to under 6 years 16 - 20 kg 1 1/2 tablets
6 to 7 years 20 - 22 kg 2 tablets

Tablets should be chewed not swallowed whole. If the child is unable to chew, the tablets may be crushed and mixed with water, jam or honey.

For precautions, warnings and contraindications please refer to the carton.

Available Pack Sizes

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20 count chewable tablets in bottles, packed in cartons

Advil Children Pain & Fever Relief Chewable Tablet 2-7 Years is only available in pharmacy retail outlets.

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